ARIS Vietnam – Company Trip 2022 – Nha Trang

ARIS Vietnam had a vacation after a year of work, to regain the spirit and energy for a new development phase.
After this trip, the members of ARIS Vietnam have the opportunity to get closer and get to know each other better.
Hopefully next year we will continue to have more memorable journeys.


hanh🟠 On the morning of July 7, 2022, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement (MoU) between Aris and CodeGym took place, opening the process of cooperation in the training – recruitment of the two units.
🟠 According to the cooperation agreement agreed between the two parties, ARIS VIETNAM will provide CodeGym students with exchanges, experience the real business environment, and the opportunity to practice/work at ARIS Company in the future. study process. At the same time, CodeGym will be the output provider of full-stack Engineers for the company.
🟠Specifically, CodeGym students will have the following support from ARIS:
✔️ ARIS will coordinate with CodeGym in assessing the entrance of students, selecting candidates to award scholarships, and signing employment agreements with scholarship recipients.
✔️ Experts from ARIS will speak at seminars/talks for CodeGym students when receiving suggestions.
✔️ ARIS will spend time, setting up visits and internships at ARIS Company for CodeGym students.
✔️ ARIS will attend recruitment periods organized by CodeGym when there are batches of students passing checkpoints and graduating.
The cooperation between ARIS and CodeGym will bring the best development opportunities for students, as well as more energy for business development.