Congratulations on successfully passing the Internship recruitment in March 2023 and officially becoming employees of ARIS Vietnam. This achievement is well-deserved for your dedicated efforts and willingness to learn throughout this period. During the internship, you were trained in various aspects, including:

  • Researching specialized knowledge related to the programming languages/fields you registered for.
  • Understanding the project’s workflow and operation.
  • Reading, comprehending, and analyzing specification documents.
  • Exploring various tools such as SourceTree, Git, etc.
  • Learning about source code management.
  • Acquiring essential project management skills and soft skills.

ARIS Vietnam applauds you for completing the Intern Challenge Program. Based on the evaluations during the challenging period, the company has recognized your readiness for the role of full-time employees. ARIS warmly welcomes you to the team and looks forward to developing your careers together within the company.


Representatives from BrickMate Vietnam – a subsidiary of the South Korean software conglomerate – recently visited and held discussions at the ARIS office.


During the meeting, both parties shared information and exchanged ideas about potential collaboration in software development for the Korean market. ARIS is eager to seize the opportunity to initiate its first project with BrickMate, expand their partnership, and gain more access to the Korean market..

ARIS Vietnam specially welcomed USE Company (Universal System Engineering)

In a new phase of development, on July 17, 2023, ARIS Vietnam warmly welcomed a special visit from USE (Universal System Engineering), a company with a history of over 50 years in consulting, software development, and solutions provision in Japan. This visit marks a significant milestone in the partnership between the two companies, promising multifaceted cooperation opportunities in the future.


During the visit, the President of USE and the Management Department of ARIS Vietnam engaged in sincere discussions, laying the groundwork for potential collaboration between the two parties. As a result, ARIS will have the opportunity to participate in USE’s projects in the Japanese market. Conversely, ARIS will support USE in training and recruiting human resources in Vietnam.

With hope, the bond between the two companies will grow stronger, bringing even more cooperation opportunities in the days to come.

ARIS Vietnam warmly welcomed a visit from Ariake Netcom

On July 6th, at the main headquarters, ARIS Vietnam had the pleasure of hosting Ariake Netcom, the company with extensive experience in the field of technology and information services in Japan.


This visit further solidified the long-standing partnership between the two companies. The leadership teams from both sides discussed future collaboration aspects and proposed innovative ideas to contribute to mutual development. The sharing of information and experiences during this occasion also holds great promise for the implementation of new and exciting collaborative projects in the ever-evolving technological landscape.