Quality Control
Testing Service

Testing is always an important, inevitable step in software development. It decides the final quality of a product, and minimizes risks and defects before the product reaches users. Test results can give companies an independent overview of the software, allowing proper assessment and clear understanding of potential defects when deploying the software.

Fortunately, ARIS has been working with Japanese partners who have stringent demands for quality. ARIS team continually learn to improve our skills and expertise to provide the best possible QA services. ARIS’ QA attitude is not only to discovery defects but also to prevent them from happening right in the steps of analysis and need clarification. Therefore, ARIS is self-confident in delivering QA services for the products that ARIS are offering to customers.

Our QA Service and Capabilities include:
– Analyzing requirements
– Developing automation solutions
– Providing QA consultation
– Performing platform certification
– Developing and planning test strategies
– Selecting and adapting test techniques, methodologies and approaches
– Providing timeframes and scope estimations
– Defining coverage and statistics metrics
– Setting up test environments
– Analyzing use cases and creating test cases
– Executing test cases and analyzing results
– Investigating defects and providing reports and “fixes” validation
– Analyzing test cycle results and collecting statistics/metrics
– Preparing test cycle status reports
– Transparent Reporting and Communication Process

Our Functional Testing Services Covers:
– Unit Testing
– Smoke testing/Sanity testing
– System & Integration Testing
– Usability Testing
– Regression Testing
– User Acceptance Testing
– Exploratory Testing
– Globalization Testing