Press Release : [Taxi Cost] – Free for iPhone and Android

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Taxi Cost Overview

Do you often travel by taxi? Do you want to compare taxi fare and select the taxi firms with the economical price? Do you want to travel by taxi without “price squeeze”? Do you want to calculate the actual distance and amount payable upon travel by taxi? “Taxi Cost” with full features and information will give you what you need to travel by taxi. It would also be a wise choice for you who know how to pay smartly and save your money.
The outstanding features:
– Instant call taxi with a touch.
– Customize the information of taxi firm such as fare, hotline number,…
– Geolocation, find the best way and estimate the fare for all of taxi firms in database.
– Estimate the actual fare when you are on journey.
– Mark the favorite taxi firms and route.
– Information support of about 100 taxi firms in several major cities of Vietnam.
– Support 2 languages : English and Vietnamese

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